Attention: Music Producers Who Are Tired Of Lifeless Sounding Drum Tracks!

"Finally! How To Get Professional Sounding Drum Tracks Like The Top Audio Engineers & Music Producers

Even If You're Brand New To Music Production!"

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Sure Fire EQ frequencies that will drastically improve your drum sound.

How to make your drum room sound, sound like it was recorded in an expensive studio.

You're Only One Step Away From
An Amazing Drum Sound!

Skip the trial & error by using the #1 Acoustic Drum Sample Blending System. 

Use This Blending System With Any DAW

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"Possibly The Best Kept Secret For Getting An Amazing Drum Sound effortlessly "

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From The Desk Of Jason Smith
Kansas City, Missouri.
October 16, 2021

Dear Music Producer,

If you want a drum sound that absolutely wows your clients and keeps them coming back for more

And they literally DEMAND that you are the only person allowed to produces all of their music projects …

Then this will be the most important guide you'll ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Jason Smith and 15 years ago I was absolutely  terrible at getting a great drum sound.

I had been recording music in a small bedroom of a house I was renting in a NOT so great neighborhood 😉

I thought my mixes were really good until I did an A\B comparison against big productions.

The drums always sounded massive like they glued the mix together when listening to the major releases.

My drums would always sound bland like a lifeless cardboard box from COSCO.

I kept grinding it out, trying every trick in the book to improve my drum sound.

Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea”.

If I could get my hands on a popular recording session and look under the hood to see how those guys were getting amazing drum tracks, I would "finally get the results I was after".

Well asking popular music producers for a copy of their sessions is not so easy LOL! I was told to #!@* OFF and most of them ignored my emails & phone calls.

I was ready to throw in the towel and give up, but then I got an email back from an audio engineer who worked for a very famous producer.

I couldn't belive it, he agreed to show me a session I was very familiar with that went platinum!

He said he would teach me his secrets on one condition...

That I promise to show others this technique who want to improve their drum sound, but keep his name private.

I absolutely promised to pass the knowledge on to others!

What happened next changed everything forever!

We started going through the session when he showed me the techniques he was using on the drums, It was mind blowing!

I was way off with my editing, compression and EQ settings...

Not even close!

He was even using drum samples... but not to replace his drums, but to blend with his original drum recording to give them more clarity and bite.

I started applying his techniques to my drum tracks and my jaw freaking dropped to the floor...

Like voodoo magic...🔮 I finally had drum tracks that had a larger than life sound.

It made the rest of my tracks sound better.

From that day forward, all of my sessions had that mainstream quality to them.

I made a promise to the mystery audio engineer that I would share this knowledge with others.

So here it is... I put together a guide covering everything you need, to take your drums to the next level.

This is my way of giving back! 🙏

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jason Smith