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Ready To Start Getting Drum Sounds That Bring Your Mixes To Life?

Here's The Perfect Solution For Quickly Making
Your Drum Recordings Sound Incredible!
FTM Producer Pack ... For Just $7.95! ($299 Value)

Let FTM Producer Pack Instantly Eliminate Hours Of Tweaking EQ & Compression For An Average Drum Sound. 

This drum sample pack is your easy solution for getting professional sounding drum mixes.

Perfectly Balanced Drum Samples For All Genres Easily find the right drum samples that instantly take your music to the next level.

Blend These Samples With Your Existing Drums Using these samples with your existing drums is like adding rocket boosters to a skateboard.

Start Getting Mixes That Will Have Clients Begging To Work With You With this go-to drum sample library, you can effortlessly get an incredible drum sound.

Cut Your Mixing Time In Half With These Drum Samples Engineers spend most of their time mixing and tweaking the EQ on the drums. With the FTM Producer Pack, you will get insane results instantly.

Now You Can Have That Drum Sound You've Always Wanted Other engineers and producers will be envious of the quality of your recordings. 

Listen To Before & After Demos

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But Don't Just Take My Word For It, Take A Look At This...


"I love the quality of these drum samples. I've used them on my last 2 major releases."

Mark Miles

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"After spending 2 weeks on a mix trying to get the drums right, I decided to purchase FTM Producer Pack. I freaking love them!"

Dan Dukes

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