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We've Discovered How Top Music Producers Get 'Incredible Drum Sounds'

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If you're anything like us, you want your recordings to stand up against other professional mixes. If you're not happy with your drum sound, that's about to change today!

A few years ago my band was making a record for a major label in Santa Monica California. The recording process started with the raw scratch tracks and then the drums were tracked.

I noticed the engineer was using some custom drum samples to blend in with the regular drum tracks. Within about 20 minutes of matching up kicks and snares, the drums sounded incredible.

After crying and begging like a child for 3 hours, I was able to get access to these samples.  Fast forward to now, I learned how to create even better samples that have been used on countless hit recordings.

I've decided to help other producers and engineers improve their drum sound. Get access to the best one-shot drum samples that will take your drum sound to the next level.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It, Take A Look At This...

This drum sample pack is your easy solution for getting professional sounding drum mixes.

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Perfectly Balanced Drum Samples For All GenresEasily find the right drum samples that instantly take your music to the next level.

Blend These Samples With Your Existing Drums
Using these samples with your existing drums is like adding rocket boosters to a skateboard.

Start Getting Mixes That Will Have Clients Begging To Work With You With this go-to drum sample library, you can effortlessly get an incredible drum sound.

Cut Your Mixing Time In Half With These Drum SamplesEngineers spend most of their time mixing and tweaking the EQ on the drums. With the FTM Producer Pack, you will get insane results instantly.

Now You Can Have That Drum Sound You've Always WantedOther engineers and producers will be envious of the quality of your recordings. 


FTM Producer Pack

12 Kick Drum Samples $120 Value

12 Snare Drum Samples $120 Value

2 Hi Tom Drum Samples $30 Value

2 Middle Tom Drum Samples $30 Value

3 Floor Tom Drum Samples $45 Value

Bonus Extras $45 Value


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